Custom Framing

Whether you have photos and mementos from special events, souvenirs from a trip, a golf score card from your best game ever, or your degree or diploma, we can take your memories and turn them into beautiful artwork for your walls.

Framing Sports Memorabilia
Sporting memorabilia is fun to have on display. Have a medal that you won at Silver Stick? Framing it with your team photo is a great way to remember a winning season or special game! There are various ways we can frame these type of items. Either way, it will look dynamic and add excitement to any space (especially Man Caves!). 

Create an Heirloom
If you are concerned about protecting and preserving your family treasures, consider having them framed. We will provide you with ideas of how to best present each item and we will use all the best materials and techniques to help preserve them. We have a lot of experience framing all kinds of treasures. Stop by to see some of the examples we have and photos of other heirloom pieces we have created for clients. Whether you already know what you want to have framed or are looking for ideas, we’re here to help you!

Framing Article of Clothing
We can frame just about anything, including clothing. Perhaps you have something special that was handed down in your family, like your grandmother’s wedding dress or a christening gown.   The point is you may find “art” where you least expect it. We look forward to turning something meaningful to you into art for your walls.

Frame Your Hero
Our soldiers and veterans are true heroes. They give unselfishly to protect our country so we can continue to enjoy the lifestyle we have. Whether your hero is an ancestor whose accomplishments you are proud or you have a family member currently serving, bring us a photo of them in uniform or the commendations and awards they earned and we’ll be proud to turn them into beautifully framed works of art. These types of displays remind us how fortunate we are and how much some people sacrifice to serve our country.


Dry Mounting

Dry mounting, used mostly for reproduction pieces, will adhere regular prints and posters to rigid backings so they will look their best in the frame for years to come. This process keeps your art flat. Without it, your art can become wavy or ripple under the glass, this is caused by changes in temperature or humidity. We will automatically advise you when we feel it is appropriate or necessary.


Plaque Mounting

Your print is drymounted onto 3/8” MDF (press board), then protected by a durable, non-glare laminate.  The edges of the plaque are finished in a variety of colours and the back is slotted and ready to hang.



After spending hours and hours on your needlework it is important to frame it properly. We will carefully mount the piece so it will lay flat and straight in the frame. We will then guide you to frame choices that will allow the needlework to truly become the work of art it was intended to be.

A Few Of Our Past Projects

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